What is the cost of going to an A-rated show?

If you decide to start showing your heart will love it but your checkbook, not so much. As a 49-year-old, I am more and more thankful for my Junior days of showing on the west coast circuit on my parent's dime. Every time I come home from a show, I thank my folks for all they did to allow me to train and show in what must be the most expensive sport known to man. When my friends tell me about the steep ski lift prices, or how much they spent on new golf clubs, I laugh and say, "you think that's expensive"?

I just got back from an A-rated show a few hours from home. And I wanted to add up my costs, and as I choked, I felt I should share, not to dampen the sport (of kings), but inform people what to expect when they get into this sport on an A-rated level. These were my horse show expenses. These expenses are on top of my regular monthly costs of board, training, farrier, veterinarian, performance dietary supplements, chiropractic, to name most of them.

Documented Expenses:

Please note: I did enter a derby which that one class was a $450.00 entry fee. I proceeded to fall off in this one class. $450.00 down the drain. Oops. Not a proud moment, but on the bright side, I was Reserve Champion on one of my divisions and won a medal that qualified me for the finals. Because of COVID 19, the finals may never happen.

It is genuinely a fantastic sport that will change your life and humble you daily. However, it comes at a price for sure.

If you want to know more about my monthly costs comment below, I am happy to share this info as well.